MAR 01, 2018

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella: Revisit the Mission

The CEO reveals how he "Hit Refresh" at the 4-decade-old company.

JUN 30, 2017

Benchmark’s Bill Gurley: It’s OK to Start Small

Companies don’t succeed solely because of their business model or mission – they also need strong leadership.

JUN 16, 2017

Stack Overflow’s Joel Spolsky: Developers Need Ethics

Leaders and managers have an important role in helping developers consider unintended consequences and use their power for good.

APR 20, 2017

Gen. David Petraeus: Big Ideas Need to Evolve

The retired military commander believes effective leaders don’t dictate the tactics; they establish the mission, the boundaries and the direction.

MAR 24, 2017

Rams’ Kevin Demoff: Leading Starts With Communication

For the NFL exec, a head coach doesn't just call plays – he sets the vision that inspires the team.

MAR 09, 2017

Riot Games’ Brandon Beck: Hire From Your Audience

Riot hires exclusively gamers, a policy essential to creating a product that will keep players entertained and challenged long term.

DEC 16, 2016

Commerce Secretary Pritzker: Lessons From Public Sector

When Pritzker’s arena switched from private to public, her objectives and challenges as a leader didn’t change.

NOV 16, 2016

OpenTable’s Christa Quarles: Embrace Radical Candor

The gaming industry veteran strives to balance a simultaneously mature and entrepreneurial business environment.

OCT 20, 2016

Box’s Aaron Levie: Inexperience Fuels Innovation

The enterprise-focused cloud storage service doesn't hedge its bets and has been taking big swings from the beginning.

AUG 09, 2016

MOD Pizza’s Scott Svenson: People First

The serial entrepreneur's latest venture embraces what he calls "enlightened capitalism," where employees are the greatest asset.

JUL 19, 2016

Citigroup’s Michael Corbat: Office Shapes Culture

Citi's NYC headquarters is completely open and modern, creating multiple "collision points" that foster a culture of collaboration.